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Hurricane Ike

  • The remains of the branch driven into the ground that supported the tree trunk
    Pictures of the mess at my dad's house in after Hurricane Ike, September 12, 2008.

Salamanca 2006

  • July 2006 in Salamanca for summer semester at the University of Salamanca. Larry took these pictures when he visited the weekend of July 14.


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February 14, 2011



Susan, I love the way this is written! It brought chuckles from me in spite of the fact that the situation is very serious. So glad all went well for you with the surgery and have my fingers crossed that the biopsy will be negative. Love, Polly

Marylou Purpura

So glad this is behind you. What is done is done and don't have to think about it anymore. Having three doctors opinions can get confusing sometimes, but in the end it brings comfort that you are doing all you can do and making the best decisions you can. Pray you won't be to uncomfortable these next few days and test results will be in your favor. Will be anxious to hear.

David & Trudy

Certainly will be a Valentines Day that you will not forget. Glad your home and doing well. Hang in there! We are praying for quick healing and a good report from the biopsy.

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Then they offer that I can stay on the bed for 30 min, or I can walk around.

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Glad your home and doing well. So glad all went well for you with the surgery and have my fingers crossed that the biopsy will be negative.

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Certainly will be a Valentines Day that you will not forget. Glad your home and doing well. Hang in there! We are praying for quick healing and a good report from the biopsy.


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