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Hurricane Ike

  • The remains of the branch driven into the ground that supported the tree trunk
    Pictures of the mess at my dad's house in after Hurricane Ike, September 12, 2008.

Salamanca 2006

  • July 2006 in Salamanca for summer semester at the University of Salamanca. Larry took these pictures when he visited the weekend of July 14.


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February 03, 2011



Sweetie pie....I am relieved too. Glad I went with you yesterday to be there to hear the good and whatever bad there might be. Also could see you were worried a good bit. Great to meet Dr Oh.. she is a sweetie pie too and clearly on her game. I hope you follow her advice for a lumpectomy and radiation. She was more than a little surprised you were considering the mastectomy at this point. As always it is your body and your I am relieved the full body scan did not show it had spread and we are still talking about the same two spots found in the first PET scan and not any new ones found from any other tests. Great news, huge relief, treatable early stage cancer. It looks very good indeed. I love you sweetheart!!!!


This must be a very sressful time for you. I'm so thankful that this was caught at the early stage (thanks to your alert and clear thinking!) Whatever decision you make, make sure it is the one you are most comfortable with, and then go for it! My love and prayers are with you all the way!


So glad that Polly forwarded this to keep me informed. Soooo thankful that you caught this in the early stage. Sounds like you have doctors that you trust. That is very important. Know you will make the right decisions with the right information coming your way. Will be remembering you and Larry through this tough time.

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