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Hurricane Ike

  • The remains of the branch driven into the ground that supported the tree trunk
    Pictures of the mess at my dad's house in after Hurricane Ike, September 12, 2008.

Salamanca 2006

  • July 2006 in Salamanca for summer semester at the University of Salamanca. Larry took these pictures when he visited the weekend of July 14.


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August 19, 2012



Hi Susan,
Knitting cruise of the Baltics?!! Sounds fabulous. I look forward to seeing your knit sample of Russian Orenburg Lace and I hope you will describe the technique with your best Russian accent! Keep up the walking. Walk whenever you can to make up for sitting and knitting and eating fabulous sour cream or mustardy herring and, excuse me while I drool...just take that Advil. Have fun!


Knitting crawl.... not that sounds like a party.


Now that sounds...

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