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I am a 53 year old woman, formerly an IT professional, now a graduate student in Spanish Linguistics at the University of Houston. I have an undergraduate degree in math from Yale (Silliman 1977), and a 27 year career in IT with Shell (retired 2005). I have a wonderful husband and 2 cats.

I started with scooters a couple years ago, but now I have a Suzuki 800cc motorcyle (Larry has a big ol' Harley). I sold my car. I did this mainly to be green and also because it is so much easier to park at the university.

I have been knitting since I was 11, off and on. I have made sweaters, scarves, and the occasional afghan. I do not have a good track record finishing articles to be wearable garments. Now that I have discovered SOCKS... knitting is once again calling my name. I was a weaver and spinner for many years, but now I seem to be happy knitting socks for my fiber kicks.


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